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Who am I?


Jan-Willem started playing the guitar during high school. Due to an injury to his hand, he was unable to play the guitar for a while and began experimenting with electronic music on the computer. At this time his passion for electronic music grew . After two unfinished studies (Social work and Communication & Multimedia Design) Jan-Willem decided to audition for the Rock Academy in Hasselt. In 2016 he graduated as a electronic music composer with a research into generative music and visuals.


From 2016 Jan-Willem has been giving DJ and music producing lessons at various (music) schools and is involved in designing, creating and selling electronic musical instruments. He also uses these musical instruments in his music lessons which make those music lesson very unique.


in 2018 Jan-Willem obtained a Certificate for music specialist in S(B)O prepared by the Prins Claus Conservatory and the Tamino Foundation. Since then he also gives many innovative music lessons for kids with spacial needs.

New technologies
at the and of primary school Jan-Willem was already busy making his own video games. Since that time, Jan-Willem has been fascinated by new technologies such as 3D printing, designing, programming and soldering. These talents of Jan-Willem were not recognized in high school. This is an important motivation why Jan-Willem uses all these skills in his Media Lessons so that he can inspire the new generation.

Because of his curiosity, Jan-Willem has developed into a pioneer in electronic music and new technologies.


Important organizations Jan-Willem works with are:

Stichting Tamino



Méér muziek in de Klas









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